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CFA® vs FRM®

March 6, 2011 4 comments

Chartered Financial Analyst® vs. Financial Risk Manager®



One question I have come across again and again during my career in the education industry is which professional finance course students should take, Chartered Financial Analyst® or Financial Risk Manager®. Quite often, students don’t know what these programs entail and what career opportunities open up after clearing these courses. This article will help candidates in understanding this area of discussion. We hope this becomes the cornerstone for Finance Professionals who are seeking clarity before investing their time and energy.

What you can expect from this article:

  • Description of Courses
  • How many people take these courses?
  • What career paths open after clearing these exams?
  • How much do these exams cost?
  • Who can register for these exams?
  • How much preparation time does it take to complete these exams?
  • What study material is available?
  • Where can you go for preparation?
  • Summary
  • Discussion Forum
  • About ItsCONCEPTS

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CAIA Scholarships

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Press Release: 100 Women in Hedge Funds partners with PAAMCO and CAIA for scholarship initiative

February 17, 2011

New York—100 Women in Hedge Funds (“100WHF”), a leading non-profit organization for professionals in the alternatives industry, today announced they will offer 10 Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (“CAIA”) scholarships each year for the next five years through their newly formed 100 Women in Hedge Funds Institute (“the Institute”). These scholarships will be sponsored by Pacific Alternative Asset Management Company, LLC (“PAAMCO”) and are the inaugural educational scholarships for the Institute, which was created to provide 100WHF members with unique educational opportunities and scholarships. Recipients who complete the program will earn their CAIA designation: the only professional designation focused exclusively on alternative investments.

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Tips to Pass the CFA Exams

February 15, 2011 2 comments

Passing the CFA exams is a challenging task. When you start on your CFA journey, it is important to be well prepared and have a strong strategy to get through it. These tips will help you better prepare for the exams.

1. Start preparing early: You should plan to start your exam preparation as early as possible. A 6-month period before the exam is the ideal time. The CFA Institute suggests that you need, on average, 250-300 hours of preparation time for each exam. This means you will require at least 10-15 hours of study time per week.

2. Prepare a schedule and a strategy document: Since there is a huge commitment of time per week, you should make a weekly calendar specifying what part of the syllabus you want to complete every week. You should allocate time such that you complete the entire syllabus at least once in four months. The remaining months can be allocated for reviews and practice.

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一开始准备早:你应该计划尽早开始您的考试准备。在考试前6个月内是一个理想的时间。 CFA协会建议,你需要的,平均250-300个小时的准备时间为每次考试。这意味着你将需要至少10-15小时,每周学习时间。


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CFA Exam Preparation Success

February 2, 2011 Leave a comment

The Level I CFA exam is held in June and December each year, while Levels II and III are offered only once a year: in June.

Completing the CFA Program exams can take you as little as a year and a half if you take your Level I in December, Level II in June the following year, and Level III in June the year after. But on average, it takes about four years to earn a CFA charter. This is because considerable amount of preparation is required before taking the actual exams, even if you are proficient in finance.

Most successful candidates spend a substantial amount of time reading up on the material and solving practice problems. You should set a schedule that you’re comfortable with and that fits your personal and work demands. Read more…

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