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Tips to Pass the CFA Exams

Passing the CFA exams is a challenging task. When you start on your CFA journey, it is important to be well prepared and have a strong strategy to get through it. These tips will help you better prepare for the exams.

1. Start preparing early: You should plan to start your exam preparation as early as possible. A 6-month period before the exam is the ideal time. The CFA Institute suggests that you need, on average, 250-300 hours of preparation time for each exam. This means you will require at least 10-15 hours of study time per week.

2. Prepare a schedule and a strategy document: Since there is a huge commitment of time per week, you should make a weekly calendar specifying what part of the syllabus you want to complete every week. You should allocate time such that you complete the entire syllabus at least once in four months. The remaining months can be allocated for reviews and practice.

3. Purchase Third Party Notes: If you find the official study material overwhelming, then you can look at purchasing study supplements from third-part vendors. Using third-party materials can benefit you tremendously and will also cut down your study time drastically.

4. Create flash cards and/or your own notes: While studying each topic, make flash cards or notes of important concepts, formulas and lists. Also include topics that you find difficult to grasp. These can be handy at the time of reviewing the material.

5. Practice Questions: For each section, try to solve as many practice questions as possible. The official study books provide many questions at the end of each chapter. That’s a good place to start. The more questions you solve the more you will be comfortable with the topics. You should also download the past years question papers and take them as mock tests.

6. CFA Approved Calculator: While working on the math oriented topics, always practice using the official CFA approved calculators. You need to be comfortable with the usage of the calculator – otherwise you will end up wasting a lot of precious time.

7. Review the study material: A few weeks before the exam, spend some time in reviewing the study material. At this stage you can use the flash cards and other notes that you prepared to review important concepts and formulas.

8. Prepare for exam day: Before the exam day, get the details of your exam center, and make the required travel arrangements. Ensure that you reach the exam center at least 30 minutes before the exam, and carry you calculator and other necessary documents.

Best of luck on the exam!

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  2. August 11, 2017 at 9:36 am

    Apart from boosting your knowledge on the CFA exams, make sure you have the right study setup and ensure to get maximum productivity.

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